What We Do

We provide a fast, low-risk path to digital transformation.

Our broad and diversified global customer base

Our focus is delivering innovation that enables customers to bridge existing and emerging technologies; protecting their investments and supporting their digital transformation journey. We call this customer centric innovation. 

Our proven financial and operating model is aligned to create value for our shareholders.

We are proud that our diverse portfolio is used across the globe to underpin mission critical transactions, processes and systems.

Day-to-day, we help the world function, from SMS transactions that are powered by CORBA to car manufacturers that use our ADM tools to test their in-car technology.

Vertica is used to power some of the data dependent giants of the world and our security portfolio secures the access and data stored by some of the world’s largest financial institutions and Governments.

Even the Hubble Space Telescope uses Micro Focus technology to manage communications.

New era


Powering customers' digital transformation with solutions spanning four key areas:


Enterprise DevOps

Build and deliver better software faster

In the digital economy, time-to-market and quality determine success. With our solutions, our customers can unleash the power of DevOps across their hybrid IT landscape — quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands. Now speed and quality can go hand in hand.


Orange is now clearly heading towards a full DevOps environment

Speed Speed
Micro Focus ALM Octane offered a highly scalable user-friendly enterprise grade solution, generating a real time overview. This boosts application delivery times, accelerating time to market.

“ALM Octane has really helped to satisfy our transformational objectives. We’re producing releases faster. We’ve automated testing and we’ve introduced continuous integration and continuous delivery into each project.”

Yann Helleboid
Testing Community Manager

Hybrid IT Management

Operate with agility

Hybrid IT can be a sprawling, volatile, siloed place that jeopardises our customers’ ability to compete. With our solutions, our customers can master hybrid IT with new agility — bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud. Embracing the future does not mean replacing the past.


Micro Focus brings business and IT closer together through consolidation and automation of key processes.

Agility Agility
Allianz wanted to take a more transparent and collaborative approach to all its key DevOps processes by implementing a single management platform, replacing a home developed helpdesk system and separate tool for development processes.
  • One unified platform for development and helpdesk requirements 30% increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Improved help desk performance
  • Increased insight and transparency + Improved collaboration between IT and business

“The one platform approach with Micro Focus SBM has really delivered for us. Responsibilities are clearly defined and we have improved the delivery of IT service management, supporting the entire software development lifecycle on a single platform.”

Martin Hrazdira
Head of IT, Operations

Security, Risk & Governance

Secure what matters most – identities, applications, and data

Cyber threats are escalating. Aging applications and both existing and new processes are full of unforeseen risks. Privacy and compliance requirements are mounting and point solutions do not offer the scope, vision, or cross-silo analytics needed for these Company-wide challenges. With our solutions, our customers can take a holistic, analytics driven approach to securing what matters most — identities, applications, and data.


Securing traveller information with Micro Focus Security solutions helps revenues take off for Allegiant Travel

Security Security
Securing traveller information with Micro Focus Security solutions helps revenues take off for Allegiant Travel

“IT equals innovation, pure and simple. We are an IT company that happens to fly airplanes. The ability to control the software and the IT piece is something that makes us better.”

Maury Gallagher Jr.
CEO and Chairman

Predictive Analytics

Accurate predictions, actionable insights, and automated discovery

Lakes of data are valuable only if our customers can surface the insights hidden within their depths. With our solutions, they can leverage machine learning to transform unlimited volumes of data into accurate, actionable, automated insights — at the speed of your business. Now they are ready to make predictions and influence business outcomes.


Auckland Transport expands video analytics and relishes its vision for safer road and more efficient public transportation

Insights Insights
Auckland Transport, the transportation agency for the city of Auckland, New Zealand, steered a Big Data project to glean video analytics from almost 3,000 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, using Micro Focus® IDOL. As a result, the city is closer to realising its vision of safer roads and efficient public transportation.

“As a transport agency, our Micro Focus IDOL analytics platform is helping us exceed customer expectations and shape positive perceptions.”

Roger Jones
Executive General Manager

Who We Are

Micro Focus is a global infrastructure software business delivering value to approximately 40,000 customers over our heritage of more than 40 years.

Our Business Model

Micro Focus has a proven financial and operating model which is aligned to create value for both our customers and shareholders.

Our Product Group

Micro Focus has five portfolios with over 300 product lines, which each deliver unique value in areas our customers demand.

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